Travel Journalists

Consumer Tribe: Travel Journalists

Travel Journalists
Consumer Tribe: Travel Journalists
Keywords: Place reviews; journalism; travel; hotel writing; travel tips; family; local gastronomy; vlogging; hotels; tourism.

Description of their identity
Unlike the Travel bloggers tribe, this human network characterizes by being made up of professional narrators of traveling. They are a group of journalists who use their writing and investigative journalism knowledge to portray the places, tourist destinations, and hotels they visit. They are not simply inveterate travelers but writers who make a living by showing their experiences professionally.

For this reason, the identity axis of the tribe is the figure of the reporter who can travel and portray experiences impartially. The portraits of its members are committed to their professional formation so that they write not only the affections and significant moments of their trips but also the technical aspects, costs, inconveniences, and temperature, among other elements involved in the experience. In short, their descriptions and accounts are precise and detailed.

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