Trendy Dudes
Consumer Tribe: Trendy Dudes
Keywords: Selfies; fashion trends; travel; personal aesthetics; parties; luxuries; luxury travel; luxury restaurants.

Description of their identity
Made up of a group of young people and teenagers between 20 and 30 years old, Trendy Dudes is a tribe that positions itself through fashion, luxury, and the notion of freedom through travel. Specifically, it is a network of individuals who relate their identity figure with the aesthetic, the cosmopolitan, and the global. They become concerned about their clothing, appearance, and the consumption of international luxuries.

As a consequence, the central identity axis of this tribe is the re-conceptualization of masculinity from the constant concern for their appearance. However, this is not done through the feminization of their physical appearance. Still, through the production of a trendy/elegant figure and, above all, through the colonization of the world from an aesthetic gait: they strive to present their international tours from outfits and spaces that combine.

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