Trophee Turtledovers

Consumer Tribe: Trophee Turtledovers

Trophee Turtledovers
Consumer Tribe: Trophee Turtledovers
Keywords: Couple life, thankfulness, fashion, travel, family, weddings, family customs, photo shoots. 

Description of their identity

This tribe comprises men and women between 28 and 45 years old who expose themselves on their digital platforms, first, always in the company of a partner. But it is not only about showing their love for each other but also about positioning themselves as a unit that constantly experiences achievement in the professional, sports or any other field.

The tribe attributes a high value to the demonstration of the success of the trophy, so their publications are oriented to show how they constantly reach the goal they set for themselves. Then they can put it further and further away. It is about showing that they are the best couple, have the best job, and go to the best destination. Narratively, the images are accompanied by a positive, motivational and thankful speech.

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