Urban Gangs

Consumer Tribe: Urban Gangs

Urban Gangs
Consumer Tribe: Urban Gangs
Keywords: Selfies; freestyle; rap; painting; murals; night parties.

Description of their identity
Within the universe of tribes, Urban Gang distinguishes itself by consolidating a group of men and women who articulate their identity from a violent figure channeled in urban art. In other words, it is a group of people who are characterized by showing a deep bond with some artistic and sporting expressions such as rap, graffiti, fighting, boxing, and painting, among others, and, above all, by communicating with an encrypted language that places them as part of a neighborhood.

In this sense, the primary identity axis of the tribe concerns a feeling of urban and warrior belonging. Urban because it acquires its character and knowledge of the world from what it experiences in the public space, and the warrior because the members show themselves as people who have managed to excel, despite having lived through adverse situations. Rap, dance, boxing, and urban poetry, finally, are interpreted as spaces of expression and means of channeling the frustrations and violent life situations in which the tribe finds itself involved.

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