Visual Storytellers

Consumer Tribe: Visual Storytellers

Visual Storytellers
Consumer Tribe: Visual Storytellers
Keywords: graphic design; digital photography; digital reality; creative minds; photoshop; technology.

Description of their identity

Visual Storytellers tribe is driven by an objective that expresses their personal and professional purpose: to use everyday materials to tell extraordinary stories. Composed mainly of graphic designers, illustrators and photographers, the members of the tribe believe that the best way to capture reality is not through its faithful portrayal but by highlighting the elements that make it a good story.

While other highly visual tribes interpret the image as a record of the human essence or as a tool for rebuke, for this tribe, photography takes on the role of a painting. Fantasy, art, the play between reality and fiction are accepted and encouraged by its members as tools to create stories that remain in the minds of their recipients. For this tribe, therefore, photography provides them with the raw material they then mould in editing programs to create stories akin to a cartoon than reality. They build their digital presence as if they were creating artistic galleries and portraits of their poetic vision of life. Like the paintbrush for the painter, these types of profiles interpret cameras as tools that allow them to express something beyond technical mastery. For the tribe, a good photo not only has the technical theory but expresses some sensation of the author or photographer; it makes the other feel.

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