Wanderlust Muppies

Consumer Tribe: Wanderlust Muppies

Wanderlust Muppies
Consumer Tribe: Wanderlust Muppies
Keywords: Culture, nature, escapades of discovery, postmodern pleasures, ambitions.

Description of their identity

The members of the Wanderlust Muppies tribe have an identity and way of life that are both straightforward and refined. They are a collection of individuals aged 23 to 38 years old. Their guiding principles ultimately drive them to achieve self-actualization by way of their profession, their interests, their parenting, and a lifestyle that is both healthy and mindful.

The Wanderlust Muppies strongly emphasize taking city breaks and weekends in the mountains, where they may decompress and focus on their wellness. These members seek to take care of their bodies and minds to recharge their batteries in nature through art or flowers. For them, food and drinks as culinary experiences are associated with joyful, carefree, and heartwarming experiences, such as wines and local gastronomy.

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