Wildlife Watchers
Consumer Tribe: Wildlife Watchers
Keywords: Nature, pets, forest photography, animal protection, open spaces, travel.

Description of their identity

This tribe comprises a network of profiles from 20 to 50 years old that position themselves in social media based on their relationship with nature and wildlife. In this sense, it is a group of men and women who show in their social media the respect and admiration they have for natural ecosystems where flora and fauna meet in harmony. Social media is a medium that allows them to articulate their figure with their relationship with their pets, their encounters with natural spaces, and the defense of animal rights and ecosystems.

Some people belonging to the tribe may become specialists in species care, including biologists or veterinarians; however, it is not a requirement to belong to the tribe. It is enough to show respect for all living beings without making exceptions for any of them. Most of this tribe tend to be vegans or vegetarians, as this eating style connects with their ideals.

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