Wise Food-encers

Consumer Tribe: Wise Food-encers.

Wise Food-encers
Consumer Tribe: Wise Food-encers
Keywords: Recipes; restaurants; desserts; food porn; gastronomic events; food reviews; food recommendations.

Description of their identity
Wise Food-encers comprise profiles that articulate the figure of the blogger, who assumes that their content is for a public audience and transcends their immediate network of acquaintances. Following this line, its members take on an informative discourse and the role of an expert on the gastronomic topic.

Wise Food-encers post about the entire eating experience: the dishes, but also restaurants, food preparation, wine, and coffee, as well as the visual presentation of the food. Therefore, their profiles do not share the menu dynamics that characterize industry members in that they not only state the choices but also tell each's story.

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