Consumer Tribe: Wonderland

Consumer Tribe: Wonderland
Keywords: Beauty; aesthetics; fantasy landscape projection; self-improvement; movie quotes; love-seeking. 

Description of their identity

Wonderland is a tribe composed of women who articulate their identity in the search for beauty and romantic love. However, unlike other female tribes that expose themselves to the aesthetic, this one does it from the game between the real and the virtual. And therefore, they resort to digital channels that allow them to show themselves through filters or omit their face in their profile picture to expose, instead, that of a Disney princess or a Hollywood actress.

The tribe's name alludes to Alice in Wonderland, as the fantasy world of princesses and the natural world intertwines in the digital discourses of this tribe. That is, it is not that they show beauty embodied in their face or figure, but that they take advantage of digital channels and smartphones to present themselves from the beginning of a Disney princess or with non-subtle edits on themselves (puppy nose, Huawei "beauty", and so on).

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