Yoga Teachers

Consumer Tribe: Yoga Teachers

Yoga Teachers
Consumer Tribe: Yoga Teachers
Keywords: Yoga; training; health; wellness; nutrition; yoga classes; fit routines; Hinduism.

Description of their identity
This tribe comprises women and men (in the minority) between 35 and 45 years old whose digital activity is oriented to exposure to their yoga practice expertise. They are masters and teachers of the discipline that, unlike the Spiritual Yoginis tribe, focus more on the exercise itself than on the search for fulfillment and self-knowledge.

Their social media show yoga from another perspective: videos in which they appear to give instructions and do the positions, theoretical and practical information about what the discipline is, digital pamphlets that expose the schedules of their sessions, and phrases of self-improvement linked to their person or program. Specifically, they seek to position themselves as experts or gurus prepared and experienced in giving classes and workshops.

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