Young Romeos

Consumer Tribe: Young Romeos

Young Romeos
Consumer Tribe: Young Romeos
Keywords: couple photos; romantic dates; school activities; movies; parties; romantic phrases.

Description of their identity

Young Romeos is a tribe of young people (13 to 22 years old) still in the study stage (middle school, high school, early college). Most women are mainly engaged in looking for moments of love from fantasy. Therefore, having or keeping a partner is the main objective of this type of profile that seeks to generate a sense of life from an affective relationship with the other.

However, the leisure-obligation dichotomy is what regulates their identity construction. They seek to show themselves more in their free time, where they feel independent. And it is within these spaces of no school obligations that they offer their affective relationship from the fantasy: photographs as a couple with emoticons and phrases that highlight the love they have for each other, romantic words taken from authors, promises of eternal love for each other, and so on. Having a partner, therefore, is synonymous with being able to exercise their decision in a recreational and affective context.

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