Yoyo Debtors
Consumer Tribe: Yoyo Debtors
Keywords: Family photos; enjoyment moments; expenses; lottery; contests; soccer.

Description of their identity

The present tribe comprises men and women who build themselves as family agents through debt. Better said, they relate their family identity to the construction of an inheritance they obtain from their direct link with credits, promotions, discounts and delinquent states. Fulfilling their duty as fathers or mothers has to do with the relationship they maintain at home and with, the accumulation of material objects and the acquisition of moments of rest that allow them to connect with their children, partners and relatives.

Of course, the small eternal debt traces their life condition. Hence their relationship with pawnshops, banks and stores, and the direct exposure in their social media of the objects and moments they buy/acquire from the perpetually delinquent state. In short, borrowing they are discounting, and credit is not the only way of obtaining materials. They are levers that allow them to fulfil their family role from bliss and consumption.

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