Consumer Tribe: Bromancers

Consumer Tribe: Bromancers
Keywords: parties; friendship; automobiles; masculinity; bromance. 

Description of their identity
Bromancers is a tribe composed of men aged 25 to 40 who build their persona from friendship relationships. Their identity is generally permeated by the values espoused by the social group to which they belong. From this logic, if they talk about themselves, they always emphasize their actions with their friend(s) or the symbols representing companionship.

The friendship relationship conceived as a brotherhood (a deep bond) is what most represents the digital tribe. For them, a friend is like a brother: despite not having the same blood, it means a person who has become like family since they share a typical project and specific exclusive friendship codes (bro-code). That is why in their social media, their digital activity emphasizes the actions they perform with them: parties, moments in the car, trips, work projects, among others—always accompanied by the friendship group.

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