Car Idols
Consumer Tribe: Car Idols
Keywords: Cars; car toys collection; car renderings; car posters; Formula one.

Description of their identity
Car Idols is a tribe made up of a group of people who love cars in all their expressions. Therefore, in their digital channels, they not only upload content about their vehicles, but they also show their collections of miniature cars, show their rooms with pictures or posters of sports cars, relate to the contents of most of the brands in the automotive world, among other online activities.

In this way, idolization that is informed by both technical issues and automotive industry news is the backbone of their tribal identity. Car Idolizers' social relationships and very identity must be formulated based on admiration for automobiles and acquiring new knowledge about new models (those closest to them are also fanatics). And although many members of the tribe do not show that they own sports cars, they compensate for this with their love of Formula 1, attending car clubs, collecting miniature cars, and following Test Drivers, among others.

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