Carts (Cat-arts)
Consumer Tribe: Carts
Keywords: Art, comics; anime; cats; animals; family; friends.

Description of their identity
This tribe comprises a group of young people who admire cats from an artistic perspective. Their socio-digital platforms mainly show images, portraits, photographs, and paintings that trace or venerate cats. It is a tribe that likes to unveil more of their artwork and their admiration for cats than images of themselves.

With this in mind, the idealization of cats and their expression through images with artistic pretensions gives the tribe an identity. However, this is not across the board: there is a preference for one type of cat. While it is true that the praise and admiration for felines expressed from an aesthetic perspective is an element that distinguishes the tribe, it also presents a specific preference for black cats, which they understand as animals that, far from bringing bad luck or causing fear, enchant with their beauty and mystical personality.

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