Alpha Commanders

Consumer Tribe: Alpha Commanders

Alpha Commanders
Keywords: nightlife; sports; heroes movies; automobiles; games; esports; video games; online games.

Description of their identity
The present tribe bears the name Alpha Commanders since it comprises a group of men who articulate their identity with any character, activity or hobby that allows them to position themselves as victorious leaders. They show moments in which their favourite team is champion, occasions in which their work is recognized, victories in video games, movies in which superheroes appear, etc. In short, it is about associating all their will and personality with success.

However, their identity axis is configured from the counterpart of triumph: defeat. For the members of the tribe, the conquest of any achievement makes sense when the defeated person is exposed. Victory is not only the person who triumphs because of their qualities but also the individual who beats another individual. Victory becomes an essential element in their life because it results from the constant competition they assimilate in front of others.

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