Consumer Tribe: Defiants

Consumer Tribe: Defiants
Keywords: Selfies, pictures, online games, self-improvement.

Description of their identity

The Defiants tribe comprises young people between 10 and 18 who place themselves on social media based on their aesthetics. Defiants build their identities by concentrating on and calling attention to their physical looks to such a degree that most of their online activity is devoted to disseminating selfies in which they "pose defiantly." Defiants establish their identities by focusing on and drawing attention to their physical appearances. It's possible to make the case that members of the tribe are too concerned about how they come across to outsiders. They have a propensity to behave in a "silly" and "rude" manner towards other people, particularly towards women, hypersexualizing every element and disregarding any authority.

In this view, masculinity receives meaning and worth from the care of beauty and the conformation of the person from the mythological figure of Narcissus, who freely shows his desire to admire himself. The care of beauty and the conformation of the person is what gives masculinity its meaning and value.

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