Consumer Tribe: E-Girls
Keywords: K-pop, anime, music, collectibles, fandoms, Japanese Music, Asian aesthetics, Kawaii concept, Asian food.

Description of their identity

This tribe comprises a group of young girls between 16 and 22 years old who position themselves through their fanaticism for Japanese culture or Korean music. Their digital communication aims to expose their hobbies to K-Pop, anime, and the collections they have built. In addition, members appear disguised or presented from phosphorescent attire and digital filters. However, if their digital activity is carefully examined, it is possible to appreciate how these actions make it possible to build an identity figure attached to fanaticism.

So they seek to distinguish themselves from others by the passion they present in each of their tastes. It is not simply a matter of being a fan of BTS, Black Pink, or Stray Kids (among others), but to find a way to be close to the group. They have totems that give them identity, such as the unique "army bomb" to wear to a BTS concert (each group has its own identity totem). In addition, when it comes to musical groups with several members, each fan must choose their "bias" or in other words, their group's favorite. Among the tastes they consume in the entertainment industry are also K-Dramas, as well as in the beauty industry (makeup) and food (ramen and Korean beverages).

Finally, most of them use the Weverse app to connect with their idols in real time, which functions as a kind of "Twitter" but is exclusively designed for idol-fans.

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