Ethereal Gals
Consumer tribe: Ethereal Gals
Keywords: Selfies, aesthetic images, retro elements, art, artistic objects, Pinterest, makeup, outfits, girl retro aesthetics.

Description of their identity

Ethereal Gals is a collective of young ladies ranging in age from 15 to 25 years old who construct their identities via social media platforms by presenting their bodies in an "ethereal" manner. In other words, it is about demonstrating an artistic feminine identity by experimenting with her shape through various filters and photos that do not have a clear emphasis or frame, in contrast to Total Divas, which attempts to demonstrate her figure straightforwardly.

In addition, Ethereal Gals pairs each of these images with lines that are either contemplative or philosophical in nature and make reference to the challenge of locating the essence of a person. The goal is to demonstrate that femininity is more of a process than a result.

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