Consumer Tribe: Fancams
Keywords: Artist's news, gossip about artists, memes and jokes, music, fandoms, idols.

Description of their identity

This tribe is a network of male and female profiles that position themselves identitarily from the fanaticism they have for one of the members of K-pop bands or pop bands. In this way, their profiles become centralized odes to the activity of only one of the members. That is to say, it is not a matter of constituting themselves as fans of the music, of the band, or of the actions they perform collectively, but of articulating their figure as a centralized fan, focused on what their idol performs and on purifying the information of the other members that make up the band.

One symbolic element that produces the union among the members is the image of the artists that they revere as a banner of inclusion/exclusion. Being part of a fandom produces people who consistently share the concerts, personal moments, and photographs of the artist they adore. The tribe uses social media exclusively to display content that highlights images of the members of this boy band and pictures of particular objects or products (music albums, posters, mugs, pins) that they frantically accumulate.

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