Fancy race-car Lovers

Consumer Tribe: Fancy race-car Lovers

Fancy race-car Lovers
Consumer Tribe: Fancy race-car Lovers
Keywords: Racing; sports cars; travel; monuments; places abroad; extreme sports.

Description of their identity

Fancy Race-car Lovers is a hermetic tribe of people distinguished by their ostentatious and privileged passions, especially related to motoring. Men from 25 to 50 years old seek, in every activity they perform, to configure and protect their identity from luxury places (travel, hotels, etc.) or concrete passions (Formula 1).

So, the luxury they consume is something emotional, experiential, and psychologized. They conceive the eternal not in the material (ephemeral) but in exclusive, self-admiration, and unconventional moments. That is why their digital activity is not mediated in explicitly showing their social position through valuable and expensive consumer goods. Still, instead, they seek to convey how what moves them is a more profound passion: the automobile (which is implicitly recognized that in economic terms is unaffordable for most).

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