Goddesses on Earth

Goddesses on Earth

Goddesses on Earth
Keywords: Emotions; life experience; personal grooming; fashion; celebrities; friendships; leisure activities.

Description of their identity
Goddesses on Earth is a tribe composed entirely of adult women with a deep interest in taking care of their physical appearance, showing themselves tough and resilient femininity and an attitude of superiority to their peers or people who want to "pass over them". In short, it could be said that, in their words, this network of women defines itself as "more bitchy than pretty": a question that reveals an attitude of superiority in terms of security (they know who they are) and aesthetics (they recognize themselves as more beautiful).

Rather than showing themselves as empowering, the central identity axis of this group of women is based on the exhibition of powerful femininity. It is about showing themselves strong, resilient, tough, and immune to criticism or attack towards them. Each publication they make on socio-digital platforms aims to unveil this aspect: it seeks to build a resilient and superior female figure in aesthetic terms.

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