Consumer tribe: Insta-moms

Consumer Tribe: Insta-moms
Keywords: motherhood; young mothers; child activities; Insta-moms; baby products; child care.

Description of their identity

Insta-moms refers to women between 20 and 35 who identify as new mothers or young mothers obsessed with their children. Hence the proliferation of images they export and upload to digital platforms of their babies' moments: first steps, day of birth, first meal, first crawl, or simply family selfies.

Motherhood from the spectacle and ignorance is what governs the digital behavior of the tribe. For them, motherhood, in the case of first-time mothers, is a new experience that they must learn little by little, in addition to a capturable moment (24/7) to show on social media, consolidating their figure from the closeness with their children.

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