Consumer Tribe: Femironics

Consumer Tribe: Femironics
Keywords: Personal goals; love/lovelessness; work/school, heterosexual relationships, gender roles.

Description of their identity

Although composed mainly of young women (16-30 years old), Femironics is a tribe that does not distinguish itself by the stage of life in which its members find themselves. The standard division based on school or professional period (high school, college, or professional life) is not the central axis that marks its identity, but the attitude of ironic mockery towards the issue of gender roles.

This tribe seeks to comply with some gender behaviors in the epistemic Western cultures: heterosexual relationships, feminine beauty, and the acceptance of the aesthetic stereotypes that characterize them predominate.

However, unlike primarily other female tribes, these women approach gender roles with humor and feminism: they use mockery to name their inconsistencies between the search for equality and protection, the acceptance of their bodies and the need to improve them, the appreciation of chivalry, and the protest against sexism.

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