Kitty Grandmas

Consumer Tribe: Kitty Grandmas

Kitty Grandmas
Consumer Tribe: Kitty Grandmas
Keywords: Religious phrases; memories photos; family moments; pets; travel; cats.

Description of their identity
Kitty Grandmas is a tribe of women 50 years old and up that fulfill two aspects: they are in their "retirement" stage and show a deep relationship with their cats. Hence, they show images of their pets, family togetherness, and trips on their socio-digital channels. It is to show an attitude of joy, companionship, and active contemplation.

However, unlike other tribes of the same age, the members of Kitty Grandmas have a unique characteristic: the relationship they establish with their pets. This does not necessarily mean that they live or are alone, but it shows how cats are essential in their daily lives: they become their daily companions.

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