Lovely Strongsouls
Consumer Tribe: Lovely Strongsouls
Keywords: Romantic quotes, loneliness, book quotes, self-care memes, women empowerment discourse.

Description of their identity

A network of women from 20 to 38 years old who place themselves on social networks based on the interaction between the aesthetic and emotive aspects of their personas make up the Lovely Strongsouls tribe. Nevertheless, it is not only about displaying selfies and images of their figure without meaning; such representations accompany them with sentences from introspective authors and loving language.

This tribe utilizes social networks to disclose their figure as a function of the quest for a spouse or, failing that, the exposure of the affection that their connection generates. In other words, the hunt for a partner drives this digital tribe's use of social networks. Because of this, people use the platforms to communicate their desire for a romantic relationship while sharing memes or photos that emphasize the importance of who they are as individuals or the opportunities they deserve. This group has a propensity to place a high value on their outward appearance, to the point where it has displayed a pattern in its association with media that include beauty items and foods that are low in calories.

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