Meme Kingdom

Consumer Tribe: Meme Kingdom

Meme Kingdom
Consumer Tribe: Meme Kingdom
Keywords: Memes; sarcasm/humor; travel; music; food; sports.

Description of their identity
Meme Kingdom is a human network that embodies the archetype that represents them: they define by their quest to portray everyday life situations through mockery, cynicism, and irony. For the tribe, tribal cohesion transcends age limits. Composed of teenagers, young professionals, and even some pre-teens (14-30), all its members share a common characteristic: the use of Memes to generate mockery around highly connective themes due to their frequency in everyday life.

The Meme Kingdom employs references to animals, post-1990s television series, trending topics, news, and contemporary Hollywood movies to construct visual metaphors that evidence political stumbles and uncomfortable situations of everyday life. The MemeKingdom's language is humor, which they denounce through ridiculing.

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