Nerd Gamers

Consumer Tribe: Nerd Gamers

Nerd Gamers
Consumer Tribe: Nerd Gamers
Keywords: Video games; online games; comics; gaming; cartoons; Japanese culture; jokes; memes.

Description of their identity

Nerd-Gamers is a tribe comprising a conglomerate of teenagers, youth, young adults, and adults (from 10 to 45 years old) who have built their identity around video games. They are radical console lovers, to the extent that they not only show to use them but also associate any element of video games to their person or the space they live in: they dress up as the characters, and their rooms are odes to Mario Bross, Halo, Kirby, Zelda, among others.

However, this deep fanaticism is not only associated with the consumption of video games and the identification of the person with the symbolic universe emanating from the consoles. They also show a particular passion for the Japanese film industry and comics. So they are characterized by combining these two worlds: demonstrating their mastery of the gaming world, sharing tips, achievements in different levels of video games, reviews and criticisms on new releases, and the acquisition of new products; and on the other hand, moments when they are watching a movie, acquiring comics, and social groups that are established from the characters they revere.

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