Pimped Up Parents
Consumer Tribe: Pimped Up Parents
Keywords: Travel, family, partner, gym, vacation, quality time, self-care, personal aesthetics, social gatherings.

Description of their identity

It is a network of women and men between 35 and 50 who position themselves from the aesthetic maternity and paternity since they expose the relationship they maintain with their family members and their fit body. Specifically, the members of the tribe share content where they show themselves in a close and present way in the life of their nuclear family and, at the same time, they exhibit their body or the routines that allow them to construct themselves as fit subjects. The exposure of the family and the moments of coexistence are also understood as an opportunity to value or present their pronounced physique.

An important aspect to consider in this tribe is that members must demonstrate a balance between their exercise routine and family duties with their children, partners, and social events. In their social networks, showing that they can manage both aspects without losing order and meaning in their lives is of utmost importance.

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