Consumer Tribe: Pre-Metaverses

Consumer Tribe: Pre-Metaverses
Keywords: Virtual worlds, video games, online social life, leisure, entertainment, new video games.

Description of their identity

It consists of a network of teenagers and young people with an average age of 18 who use the platform to express the virtual worlds and characters they have built. However, unlike Alter Ocs, this tribe goes deeper into this type of relationship by expressing not only an identity from the character, but a whole scenario that expresses the world they wish to inhabit.

In this sense, the search for their own space is the identity axis. The members seek to express their thoughts and sensations under the construction of a virtual world that becomes a blanket of belonging and, in some cases, a way of constituting themselves as micro-celebrities (some seek to produce themselves as creators from this model of exposure of the self).

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