Real Estate Hunters

Consumer Tribe: Real Estate Hunters

Real Estate Hunters
Consumer Tribe: Real Estate Hunters
Keywords: Couple life; home construction; couple travel; nightlife.

Description of their identity
Real Estate Hunters is a consumer tribe comprised of couples beginning to build their relationships intimately. It is a network of couples who have decided to live together and are configuring or looking for the space where they intend to transcend their relationship. Hence, they perform digital searches: for furniture, beds, refrigerators, and apartments for rent. These actions demonstrate how this group of people is searching and building their affective nest (spatial and emotional).

The figure of the real estate hunter works well to understand the central axis of the tribe. It is an identity aspect that denotes how the people in this tribe are in a stage of exploration, search, and co-construction of an intimate space. Each step they take (choosing a room, renting an apartment) is a couple's choice that has implications for the new daily life they decide to live effectively.

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