Keywords: cinema; movie consumption; VHS photographs; technology; author news; movie memes; retro movies; synth-wave music, vintage movies; vintage films.

Description of their identity

This consumer tribe represents a group of people who show themselves to others from a nostalgic passion for cinema. It is a network of fans of the world of cinematographic spectacle who maintain a retro look in their consumption of audiovisual goods, an issue that they not only expose with their exhaustive knowledge of current films but also from their historical knowledge of directors, actors, and films.

Hence their identity axis: they reveal themselves as people with a nostalgic look inclined to the exhaustive collection of VHS and Beta format films. Being part of the tribe is not only achieved from the knowledge of the industry but also has as a condition the constant acquisition of old goods, either from classic films, devices such as VCRs, or any material that alludes to cinema from its past (posters, sections of newspapers in which the premieres were announced, collectible figures, etc.).

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