Consumer Tribe: Roadsters
Keywords: Travel; Carpe Diem discourse; mobility; roadtrips; cycling; social relationships; outings; enjoyment moments.

Description of their identity

The tribe called Roadsters comprises a group of young men and women who highly value the general idea of mobility. To the extent that they expose themselves as a set of nomads who like to explore new places in a terrestrial way and, above all, present a discourse that highlights the unanchored present, that is, the moments that are generated from the continuous movement of the individual.

In a certain sense, the idea of a being in constant movement inspires their way of life. It is about constituting themselves as people who seek not to be anchored to any situation or place by keeping themselves moving or searching for new experiences. That is why they like the car: it represents the possibility of constant movement and the fluid enjoyment of the terrestrial.

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