Consumer Tribe: Romaniacs
Keywords: Motorcycles; extreme sports; motorcycle rallies; professional motorcyclists; cycling; outdoor sports.

Description of their identity
Romaniacs are a tribe of people who position their identity on their passionate relationship with everything that has to do with motorcycles and, to a lesser extent, bicycles. However, unlike other tribes that have a relationship with this type of vehicle, this human network does so from the perspective of motocross/enduro, which does not have to do with a bond that arises from the ostentatious or aesthetic but from a link that values the adaptation of motorcycles to ride on any terrain.

In this sense, the passion for motorcycling is the main element that gives the tribe an identity. It is about admiring motorcycles or bicycles and using them in natural contexts, presenting an ability to control them in uneven spaces (even in the air), and building a lifestyle that requires significant physical demands. For the tribe, the love for the motorcycle goes beyond the object itself since affection and appreciation are made from the possibility of the actions enabled by the vehicle.

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