Consumer Tribe: Rugrats
Keywords: Friendships; family, school; leisure activities; walks and excursions; gifts; toys; random photographs; video games.

Description of their identity
Rugrats represent one of the youngest tribes formulated in the socio-digital channels. Specifically, it is a group of boys, girls, adolescents, and teenagers between the ages of 7 and 14. However, more than age, in terms of identity, this human network is shown from the archetypal figure of the innocent exploring the world and discovering who they are.

In this sense, for the members of the tribe, the digital is a space to collect moments that seem memorable or remarkable to them. So rather than consolidating an identity attached to a lifestyle, the most common practice they engage in is to replicate and share indiscriminately the content that catches their attention: the symbols, products, and goods they identify: games, superheroes, food, among others.

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