Consumer Tribe: Standuppers

Consumer Tribe: Standuppers
Keywords: Comedy shows; memes; comedians; stand-up events; acting; entertainment industry.

Description of their identity
Standuppers is a tribe composed of people dedicated to building a humorous identity. In other words, it is a group of professional or amateur comedians who use socio-digital channels to position themselves as sarcastic, ironic, witty, and funny public figures who exist from the digital interactions they generate with their followers or acquaintances.

The comedy thought as the result of the person's talent and creativity is the idea that coordinates the constitution of the identity of the present tribe. In this way, humor is not considered a spontaneous lifestyle but a meticulous work that people must do to determine, estimate and value the times, tones, and contents of their jokes or phrases with double meaning. Being part of Standuppers is about making others laugh and assimilating the figure of the Joker professionally.

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