Suit Up Dads
Consumer Tribe: Suit Up Dads
Keywords: parenting; fatherhood; businessman; successful man; father; luxury goods; suits.

Description of their identity?
Suit-up Dads is a tribe of adult men (30 to 50 years old) who have built their identity from their work and professional activities and, secondly, from the father figure they maintain with their family. However, unlike tribes of parents who emulate the provider's logic, this set of profiles configures the two notions from the luxury and moments of success.

It relates to a luxury anchored to its modern version: distinction from the material, exposure of successful parenthood, landing with brands, and ostentatious consumer objects. Being a good father and businessman is measured from the moments that reflect a material, economic and symbolic distinction: that is why they present several photos in suits and tuxedos and show their relationship with their family on international trips or exclusive events.

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