Time Machiners
Consumer Tribe: Time Machiners
Keywords: Old cartoons, yesteryear, science fiction, fantasy, memorabilia, old photographs.

Description of their identity

This tribe mainly comprises men (and some women) who are positioned from nostalgic nostalgia, especially in media topics such as cartoons, music, or movies. Among their contents are images showing cartoon characters, movies, or music from their childhood/youth. They make reference to social spaces from custom; for example, the meaning of going for a walk to a public square on weekends with the family or going to family gatherings which empower the family social circle.

Also, they are sensitive to the architecture or photographs of cities from several years ago or curious about how they were before. In the end, they seek to present themselves as profiles that rescue the past to present themselves to others and that somehow make them feel that in the past, life was of "better quality."

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