Trendy Lifestylers
Consumer Tribe: Trendy Lifestylers
Keywords: Travel; fashion; monuments; modern luxuries; international food; parties; branded events; fashion weeks; fashion events; luxury restaurants. 

Description of their identity
Trendy Lifestylers contains predominantly female profiles that position themselves from four narrative axes: constant travel, knowledge of trends, accumulation of material luxuries, and global vision. Its members communicate their high purchasing power and high-end Lifestyle through these themes.

Their content includes images of them traveling, wearing fashionable clothes and attending fashionable destinations and events. Their clothing and scenarios are essential to embellishing their "avant-garde" identity.

For Trendy Lifestylers, Instagram and other highly visual media become spaces to translate their persona into a kind of storyteller who not only tells what they do but relates what brands, sites, and destinations are the ones that accompany their daily lives. The identification and consumption of brands become a practice that exemplifies their positioning within exclusive and international circles.

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