Two Wheeled Posh-club

Consumer Tribe: Two Wheeled Posh-club

Two Wheeled Posh-club
Consumer Tribe: Two Wheeled Posh-club
Keywords: Motorcycles; travel exhibition; couple; nature; nightlife.

Description of their identity
This consumer tribe is composed of a group of people, all of them men, who expose their identity belonging to a common practice: riding motorcycles. Therefore, their identity is constituted by their relationship with motorcycling from a vision of adventure and exclusivity (they are a set of hermetic profiles).

They are not adventurers who think of travel from the inclusion of others. Still, they show that the life that revolves around motorcycling (and travel itself) results from an exclusive selection of people. Their digital activity reflects that: the trips are made with select groups of people and show that they appropriate the road and the cities from the postmodern luxury, which tries to sensualize and eroticize reality, to colonize it from a privileged gaze.

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