Vanity Moms
Consumer Tribe: Vanity Moms
Keywords: Beauty; wellness; reunions; social events; selfies; gastronomy; travel; brunch. 

Description of their identity

Vanity Moms is a tribe composed entirely of female profiles. These mothers use social media to position themselves from the beauty and femininity with which they live their social and family life. Due to their mother's role, their time is minimal, so they value their little free time. They enjoy activities that allow them to forget their mother's duties and give them a brief return to their individuality. Meetings with friends and small daily luxuries such as tasting different dishes or having a drink are some of the activities most present in their social networks.

Their physical appearance is a priority as they seek to preserve their attractiveness, health and quality of life. Unlike other maternal digital tribes, Vanity Moms always constitute their figure and their family role in aesthetics. That is why they always show an individualistic approach in their family photos, as they appear in the foreground and the family group in the background.

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