Warrior Gals

Consumer Tribe: Warrior Gals

Warrior Gals
Consumer Tribe: Warrior Gals
Keywords: Daily struggles, friendships, self-expression, outward appearance, love, relationships, anime, cartoons.

Description of their identity

The Warrior Girls tribe comprises young girls and teens (between the ages of 8 and 10), all of whom center their sense of self-identity on the warrior archetype. When presenting themselves on social media, the Warrior Gals focus just as much on their beauty (both internal and external) as they do on their combat skills or strength.

Therefore, even though the tribe is shown in a manner comparable to that of a princess, she does not need to be rescued because she can do it alone. This princess-warrior hybrid has had a lot of success as a character in anime, which is where the tribe gets a lot of its ideas for its tale.

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