Chill Atypicals
Consumer Tribe: Chill Atypicals
Keywords: Billie Eilish, Gentle rebelliousness, authenticity, kindness speech, art, self-love, urban and eclectic fashion, imposing poses, friendships.

Description of their identity

Chill Atypicals are a group of young adults and adolescents between 12 and 20. Chill Atypicals is similar to Reflex Teens in that its members are entirely female, and many are artists; however, the group varies from Reflex Teens in that its age range is rather narrower. Their age and gender may be deduced from the subdued defiance with which they carry themselves. In this context, Billie Eilish stands out as a representative figure of the tribe since she has challenged the existing quo about problems of gender and beauty norms.

Both Billie Eilish and the members of this tribe are known for exuding an easygoing manner (from their friendly moods to their loose attire) and for advocating talks that encourage honesty and self-love. Calle and Poché attract the tribe with their urban style, loose attire, and, most importantly, by questioning the existing order using love as a way of expression. This is similar to what Billie Eilish does to attract the tribe.

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