Consumer Tribe: Festivalistas
Keywords: Arts; fashion; music festivals; concerts; travel; friendships; Pro LGBT.

Description of their identity
This consumer tribe has been called Festivalistas (the fusion of festival + fashionista) because its members juxtapose two characteristics in their identity expression: their recurrent attendance to festivals around the world and their affiliation with the most current trends in clothing. In other words, this is a network of young people and adolescents who have a strong relationship with fashion and, at the same time, are fervent attendees of music festivals.

The hybridization of the two elements is the identity axis of the tribe. It is not simply a network of people who only consume and wear the most current and trendy clothes, nor is it a group of music lovers who do not miss any festival. It is a social identity that aesthetically attends festivals and vice versa. It is fashionable according to what it can wear at music festivals.

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