Keywords: Soccer, memes, Star Wars, sports news, Dragon Ball, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Checo Perez.

Description of their identity

This tribe comprises a network of profiles that present themselves from hegemonic masculinity that uses sports, action stories, anime, and memes that point to sexual virility to establish themselves as non-vulnerable and coherent in their aggressive discourse. In this sense, the Fifas tribe uses the platforms to relate more to the elements that allow them to constitute themselves as adolescents who stand out from others based on their virility and stepping on the other. Identity acquires value when it is differentiated from others through aggressiveness or the consumption of symbolic goods or masculine stereotypes: soccer and fights.

In addition, this tribe is characterized by showing a "rude" attitude towards others, not only rude but also confrontational, referencing their masculinity and rudeness. It should be noted that they are also often criticized for their "toxic masculinity," or rather, masculinity that does not go beyond the stereotypes of the "macho," which are characteristics of a man with typical tastes such as soccer, beer, and women.

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