Sweet Sixteneers

Consumer Tribe: Sweet Sixteneers

Sweet Sixteneers
Consumer Tribe: Sweet Sixteneers
Keywords: Fashion tips; relationships; school; memes; fandoms; viral trends; makeup tutorials, outfits.

Description of their identity

Sweet Sixteeners is a teenage tribe defined by being in a period of adaptation between two stages of life: the transition between girl and woman. The members of this tribe leave traces of their navigation between both roles through different formats. The expression of their first feelings of love and disaffection, as well as the use of makeup as a tool to experience the physical transformation that reflects their internal evolution, are some of the most recurrent activities. Most of its members, moreover, resort more to idols and celebrities to represent the stage they are going through: they use pop culture references as examples to follow, which they not only emulate but openly admire. For this reason, profiles, beauty bloggers, or "influencers" that highlight fashion, beauty, makeup, and dating tips are references that accompany this digital tribe in defining their femininity. Unlike the Fandom tribe, Sweet Sixteeners' digital activity does not focus exclusively on celebrities.

Emotionality is a defining characteristic of this tribe. They use social media as a space for venting, expressing grievances, love and hate, and, most of all, passion for teen artists and celebrities. The movies, dramas, and music valued reflect feelings, affection, and friendship.

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