Consumer tribe: Sweexteens
Keywords: QuinceaƱeras; parties; sexuality; personal aesthetics; relationships; couple moments.

Description of their identity
The tribe called Sweexteens is composed of a group of adolescents who are in a phase of sexual-affective exploration. In this sense, it is common to see in their digital activity references to what it means to love, images with their first partners, and reality shows that show themes such as infidelity, sexual promiscuity, and youthful nightlife. For the members, publishing this type of content is understood as a projection of how they want to experience their sexual-affective relationships or, in their case, how they live their adolescence.

Thus, for Sweexteens, exploring sexuality is an essential element in the constitution of their identity. However, it is worth mentioning that this is not an identity axis that refers to the sexual relations that a person can have. Still, it refers more to defining oneself as a man or a woman in different environments: a couple of relationships, a festive atmosphere, and the expression of feelings.

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